Enian Project Manager provides a uniquely flexible structure that enables professionals to adapt the software to any process in any market for a wide range of project types.

The software offers a structure without imposing a standard. You can stack multiple technologies and manage information and file sharing for each one, using the same secure dashboard. At this time we offer best practice templates for commercial-scale onshore wind and solar PV.


Our templates are fully customizable, so that all of the information provided can be changed by you to suit your needs.

To create a new renewable energy project with Enian Project Manager you have the following options:

  1. Select a best practice template for onshore wind or solar PV. This option will automatically populate your project overview page, schedule, document room and financials page with detailed information.
  2. Create your own template from a blank state.
  3. Copy a previous project that you have already created and saving it under a new name.