We have three types of user that you can invite to your workspace, depending on what level of access you want to give them:


Who they can invite

Can create and edit portfolios

Can manage and modify user permissions

Can create projects, portfolios and templates

Can edit company settings and access insights

Can add/ remove users

Can access and edit all projects created on the platform

Admins, Editors and Guests

Can view all users and their permission levels

Cannot see company settings or access insights

Cannot create portfolios or templates

Can create projects and access projects assigned to them by the admin

Can edit projects they have created and edit projects assigned to them by the admin

Guests only

Cannot access portfolios

Can only access files in a project's data room for projects they have been assigned to

Can upload/ download files and comment on documents in the project's data room, which they have been assigned to

Cannot invite users.

When inviting a new user, you’ll be asked what type of user you would like to create and which projects you’d like them to have access to. If you don’t specify any projects, the user will only have access to the actions, documents and tasks which are assigned to them.