You need to first invite users to the platform and set their permission level before you can begin to share. To invite a user, simply navigate to the users section from the dashboard and select the 'Invite new user' button in the top right.

When inviting a new user you will be asked to choose which specific project or projects you would like to add them to. You can also choose to skip this step. Please note that admin users will automatically have access and editing rights to the entire dashboard and all of the information stored there. 

When inviting an editor or a guest, if you choose to skip this step, you will need to assign them to a project or document room separately.

Once you've invited users and set their permission levels you can then assign documents, actions and tasks to them by clicking the + sign next to that item from the schedule. You can also share individual files and groups of files from the document room by clicking the + sign inside the document group.