You can access the map from the Project Overview page. It contains over 100 million data points detailing power plant and electrical infrastructure for 195 countries! All of the data in the map is for operational sites only. This data comes from third party sources and is checked and validated using AI.

The map was made using a proprietary algorithm that matches satellite images to coordinates extracted from thousands of open government, academic and third sector data sources. Every power plant contains the original source link from where the data was extracted, giving you the opportunity to access the source link with ease.

Browse the map to access clickable intelligence for power lines, transmisison towers, substations and power plants of all fuel types. Click to enlarge and enjoy the speed and ease with which these details are shared. 

Be sure to check out the map legend to see how different colors distinguish different map features. You can view the map in satellite view or light grey. You can also view NASA and ESA solar irradiance and wind speed resource data by selecting these from the grid legend.